A rapidly growing real estate investment and development firm

Zail Properties welcomes inquiries from investors seeking to leverage our expertise in acquisition, development and construction management to foster investments with enduring value.

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Focused Specialists

  • By focusing on single, multi family and mixed use wood frame construction in the lower mainland, we benefit from standardized processes lessons learned to improve efficiencies and realize cost savings.

Controlled Experience

  • Decades of development and construction management experience coupled with in house home warranty servicing allows for a high quality product and excellent customer satisfaction.

Human Capital

  • Significant in house expertise across varying disciplines allows us to leverage a broader perspective to create value on each project and superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.

Wall Street meets Main Street

  • A long term approach with institutional underwriting, well defined processes and a “main street” principal perspective to ensure efficient generation of risk adjusted returns.

Relationships Matter

  • Well established and long standing relationships with various land owners, top tier brokers and capital providers allow us to acquire and finance prime development properties.

Principal Perspective

  • Zail always takes a meaningful equity position in all projects to ensure a complete alignment of interest to ensure a higher net return for our investors.

An Investor

Committed to fostering and nurturing strong relationships with our present and future investors, we believe trust, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of an enduring partnership between Zail Properties and its investors. By striving for excellence, engaging in thoughtful decision-making and continually redefining our long-term goals, we deliver exceptional value to our investment partners. In the context of this mutually beneficial relationship, we are able to help them reach and exceed their financial ambitions today, and well into the future.