Zail Properties

A family-owned enterprise with a real estate history

With a history dating back three decades, Zail Properties is a respected development, management and investment firm with a portfolio of residential and commercial properties across Canada. Named for the family patriarch, Zail Mundi, the company was founded on the values of entrepreneurship, integrity, ambition and determination that he inspired. Mundi began the company legacy with the acquisition of farmland and retail assets in Punjab, India. When his son Gurdip Mundi arrived in Canada in 1972, he continued the tradition of real estate investment that now spans three generations.


Early projects focused on the development of single family homes distinguished by their quality, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail

In later years, the company expanded its reach into multi-family residential development and commercial real estate investment in British Columbia and Ontario, provinces where we have local market expertise.

With Amar now at the helm of Zail Properties, the company’s mission is stronger than ever: to continue the family legacy of quality workmanship and innovative design by collaborating with best-in-class consultants and trades. We are fortified by 30 years of experience and by embracing the values of hard work, determination and integrity. As a result of our long-standing relationships and deep understanding of the real estate industry we have earned the trust of our stakeholders: tenants, home buyers, investors and strategic partners.

We are proud of a portfolio that reflects investments made with precision and foresight. Our signature continues to define and distinguish our work: a methodical approach to real estate investment and development with an emphasis on integrity, care and attention to detail.


We take pride in developing homes with community, quality and innovation at the forefront

We have high standards and ambitions as well as the vision, leadership and ability to achieve our collective goals.

We understand the broader impact of development on communities and we work relentlessly to create positive influence on the neighborhoods in which we operate.

We are transparent, accountable and operate with complete integrity.  We have earned the trust of our partners and believe this is critical for our continued success.

Risk Management
We utilize a disciplined approach to real estate investment, using best-in-class processes to ensure value creation for all our stakeholders.

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